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Since September 2011, “Le Betulle” Medical Centre is the European headquarters and logistics base for the “Barolat Neuromodulation Institute Europe”. Dr. Giancarlo Barolat, well known as one of the greatest worldwide experts in the field of neurostimulation and chronic pain relief, is a neurosurgeon and algologist and has been working for thirty years in the US, as director of the Barolat Center in Denver (Colorado), affiliated with the Presbyterian / St. Luke Medical Center. In his 34-year career, Dr. Barolat has carried out more than 7,000 neuromodulation implants. He is qualified by the Councils of both the Italian and American Associations of Neurological Surgeons. Chemical neuromodulation is obtained through medication infused by means of implanted devices called “pumps”.

Dr. Giancarlo Barolat, with his European representatives, will strive to interact with colleagues in the rest of Europe so that all patients can have the opportunity to benefit from the experience brought by Dr Barolat, in contrasting and defeating chronic pain.
Dr. Rodolfo Bucci, Dr. Giovanni Frigerio and Dr. Claudio Reverberi will take it upon themselves to act, through their collective name S.A.T.A. (Studio di Applicazione Tecniche Antalgiche – Study for the Application of Antalgic Techniques), which has been transversely operating for years in the field of chronic pain relief, also by means of intrathecal pharmacological neuromodulation and minimally invasive surgery techniques.

Our European representatives will endeavour to establish the ‘Barolat Neurostimolation Institute Europe’ as an international centre of scientific excellence. The European project entails, in phases following inauguration, identifying scientific excellences already operating in the study and research of chronic neuropathic pain, both in Europe and in the Middle East, and interacting with them through specific training and exchanges.

A multi-lingual call centre will be set up to support the Barolat Neuromodulation Institute Europe.

The invaluable experience gained by Dr. Giancarlo Barolat will be passed on by his European delegates, so that patients from more geographical areas may benefit from well-established protocols and highly trained professionals. The project foresees the constitution of a European web of NON-pain and we also aim to open, starting from the Italian centre, a centre in each country which will reflect, in approaches and procedures, our European Project.

Therefore, the project aims to acquire a true European dimension with worldwide connections and it will particularly focus on those contexts, such as eastern-Europe, Middle-Eastern Arab countries and Southern Africa where, even though there is a need, to this day medical know-how is lacking on how to perform neuromodulation implants efficiently and independently.

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