In the last ten years, Cardiology has developed enormously; consider, for example, the acute care of myocardial infarction, through angioplasty procedures (the so-called “balloon” which expands the occluded coronary artery), sometimes carried out just minutes after the appearance of symptoms, and also stent implants (metal nets which maintain the affected vase without obstructions [pervious over time]), or even the creation of new drugs effective in reducing blood pressure and cholesterol.

However, cardiovascular diseases remain the most common in the Western world and many efforts should be made to prevent myocardial infarction, cardiac failure and strokes. Besides “traditional” factors (smoking, hypertension, diabetes, excessive body fat, old age), other “emerging” factors (such as the increase of inflammatory factors, or bad living and eating habits) have to be faced with precise and, above all, “personalized” strategies.

For this purpose, Le Betulle Medical Centre, together with classic diagnostics (specialized cardiology examinations), offers superior level dignostic exams (colour doppler ecocardiography, cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory stress tests, Holter monitor, blood pressure monitoring) and a personalised prevention plan based on “Cardiometabolic” evaluation.

The purpose of these procedures is to identify a “cardiovascular profile” and operate with drugs and preventative strategies to correct metabolic alterations, bad eating habits, and those aspects of lifestyle which seem to be unsuitable. The concept of personalised treatment therefore integrates with current cardiovascular care and prevention guideline specifications, which are thus improved by the knowledge of each patient’s individual needs and psychobiological peculiarities.