Clinical laboratory

Founded in 1975 as a small laboratory to deal with in-patients’ needs, “Le Betulle” Clinical Laboratory first obtained an AGREEMENT (1982) and then, in 2000, ACCREDITATION with the SSR (regional health service), and also 9001 ISO CERTIFICATION of Quality Management System; important acknowledgements of our modernization and quality of service, and a guarantee for patients of constant updating and control on each phase of the process.

Besides our central facility, thanks to six more test locations for the drawing of samples in the district, it provides an important medical resource for users from a large area. The laboratory runs tests on various clinical specimens (blood, urine, seminal fluid, etc.) finalised to the study of the most diverse pathologies. Together with tests carried out as an accredited SSR centre, we also run those requested by private centres, such as for patients hosted in retirement homes, as well as those for Companies who have to comply with Decree Law 81 (9/4/2008), in the matter of workplace safety.

“Le Betulle” Clinical Laboratory Management is one of the few private laboratories accredited with the Regional Service, authorized to certify drug abuse from urine matrix, including confirmatory tests (with medical-legal value). The laboratory is specifically authorized to carry out most of the exams included in the regional nomenclature and can count on collaboration with outside laboratories to ensure the provision of other technologically advanced services, as provided for by the 80/91 Ministerial Decree and the new provisions for “service”.

Laboratorio di Analisi, Casa di Cura Le Betulle


Medical Analysis Accredited Laboratory, n. 247,
Regional Register of Accredited Structures.

Company with 9001 ISO Quality Management System

“Le Betulle” Clinical Laboratory System carries out daily quality inspections, and participates in external quality certification programs organized by the Lombardy Region and other institutions.

The Clinical Laboratory is next to “Le Betulle” Medical Center and has test locations in the municipalities of Fenegrò, Montano Lucino, Olgiate Comasco, Uggiate Trevano, Saronno e Turate.

Clinical Laboratory with specialized units for:

  • Clinical chemistry – Toxicology and Drug abuse
  • Microbiology and Virology

In service, we guarantee tests in all areas in which it is possible to ensure the drawing of samples, their conservation and transport.

No-appointment necessary

Central facility: Appiano Gentile Viale Italia, 36 – Phone 031 93 01 66


Phone 031 93 01 66


  • Uggiate Trevano Via Vitt. Veneto, 2 – Phone 031 80 93 36
  • Olgiate Comasco Via Segantini, 28 – Phone 031 94 30 24
  • Turate Via Marconi Ang. Via Magenta – Phone 02 96 489 479
  • Saronno Viale Prealpi 122 Ang. Via Benetti – Phone 02 96 704 417
  • Fenegrò (CO) Via Caduti Fenegrolesi 1 – Phone 333 64 88 160
  • Montano Lucino (CO) Via Varesina 38/A – Phone 338 52 42 135