In the course of time, our radiology department has been significantly developed and technologically updated, reaching a level of excellence and diagnostic ability equal to those of accredited public and private hospitals

Among the numerous diagnostic instruments in our department, we will mention Digital radiology (X Ray, mammography unit, CBM computerized bone mineralometry, Orthopantomography); low dose multislice CT scan; high field MRI (1,5 Tesla) able to tackle all needs relevant to this method; two new top of the range, multifunctional ultrasound scanners, with programs for elastosonography and for cardiologic diagnosis.

This excellent instrumentation is combined with extremely short waiting times and the possibility, for the patient, of a direct dialogue with a competent specialist whose role and importance are central to the formulation of a correct and in-depth diagnosis.

This is why, since the beginning, Le Betulle Medical Centre has invested in high level professionals, creating a “team of department heads”: Dr. Giancarlo Schmidt, Head of radiology, assisted by Dr. Alberto Sironi, Head of radiology at San Carlo hospital in Paderno Dugnano; by Dr. Pietro Cecconi, Head of radiology at Fondazione Don Gnocchi in Milan and by Dr. Gino Gozzi, Head of Radiology at Sant’Anna Hospital in Como, who is here in charge of mammary diagnostics.

Other members of our staff of consultants, to mention just a few, are Prof. Renato Nessi (of Milan University), responsible for ultrasound diagnostic services; Dr. Marco Malinverno, Head of Urology at Villa Aprica in Como and Dr. Rinaldo Belluschi, in charge of cardiologic rehabilitation at Mariano Comense Hospital.

Diagnostica, Casa di Cura Le Betulle
Nowadays, endoscopy is increasingly combined with radiology, especially in the fields of Gastroenterology, Urology and Pulmonology, enabling greater certainties and more in-depth procedures during diagnosis, but also new therapeutic approaches.

For this purpose, our Centre has been equipped with the most advanced instruments for endoscopy, including small-caliber gastroscopes, which allow less uncomfortable nasal access, and High Definition colonoscopes.

Our endoscopic specialists are Dr. Edoardo Fesce, formerly Head of Gastroenterology at San Giuseppe Hospital in Milan and Associate Professor at Milan Univesity; Dr. Herbert Rainer, formerly responsible for the Digestive Endoscopy service at Tradate Hospital; Prof. Lorenzo Dominioni, Chair of Surgery at Insubria University; and Dr. Antonio Paddeu, Head of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation at Mariano Comense Hospital.