Drug and Medicine abuse and addiction

Dr. Roberto Bertolli, – Le Betulle Medical Center

Medical Director

Dr. Roberto Bertolli

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Dr. Furio Ravera, – Le Betulle Medical Center

Head of department

Dr. Furio Ravera

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Dr. Matteo Ferri, – Le Betulle Medical Center


Dr. Matteo Ferri

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Fellows :

Dr. Paola Sidoli


Dr.Valeria Spagnuolo

Clinical Psychologist, in charge of psychodiagnostics


Dr. Ramona Gatto

Clinical Psychology, in charge of Mindfulness Practice

Abuse is a pathological condition that involves the use of both legal and illegal substances in ways that differ from prescribed and legal limits. Substance abuse may recurrently compromise the affected person’s professional capacity, lead to continuous use despite the persistence of social and relational problems and he/she may be exposed to physically or legally dangerous situations.

Addiction presents the same pathological conditions as abuse, to which we need to add three fundamental concepts: tolerance, which indicates the need to consume increasingly high doses to produce the same effect initially obtained with smaller quantities; withdrawal, the physiological state of adaptation which becomes manifest as withdrawal symptoms, thereby instigating the consumption of the substance in order to avoid withdrawal symptoms; time management, mostly employed to obtain, consume the substance and overcome its effects.

Abuse and addiction may present with cocaine, heroin, cannabis, amphetamines, hallucinogens, inhalants, hypnotics and anxiolytics, painkillers, phencyclidine, anabolic steroids, nicotine, caffeine.