Forensic medicine and psychiatric service

Dr Francesco Somajni – Le Betulle Medical Center


Dr. Francesco Somajni

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The service specializes in the evaluation of biological damage (injury to psychophysical integrity in the person susceptible to forensic medical evaluation):

  • 1. Physical damage (changes to external appearance, reduction of psychophysical efficiency, reduction of social abilities, reduction of social skills, reduction in generic working skills);
  • 2. Emotional damage (Post-Traumatic Stress disorder; Reactive psychosis, Reactive depression, Reactive anxiety disorders);
  • 3. Moral damage (that is, the independent hypothesis of non monetary damage, indemnifiable upon verification of certain criteria, intimately connected to the entity and intensity of suffering and capable of full ontological autonomy with regards to biological damage);
  • 4. Existential damage (this doesn’t consist in subjective suffering, but rather alterations to the quality of life in a pejorative sense).


Our service offers expert technical advice, both party-appointed and court-appointed, for civil, criminal and juvenile court (personality assessment: social dangerousness; parenting ability; parent-child relationship observation; clinical and testological assessment of parent personality; child psychodiagnostic assessment for cognitive and affective-relational aspects; assessment of suspected physical and emotional abuse).