The liver has a central role in our body’s metabolic processes and also a crucial role in filtering and detoxifying substances introduced in our system. For this reason, it is more exposed than any other organ to the damaging effects of drugs, alcohol, chemical substances in general and bacteriotoxins, which can harm it and cause diseases. Let’s not forget viruses, possibly the main cause of hepatic diseases. It is estimated that 1 in 20 people in Northern Europe and the USA suffer from hepatic diseases, while the prevalence is more or less triplicate in Third World Countries. Italy is roughly in the middle, with a rate of approximately 1 in10.

When hepatic diseases (hepatites) do not resolve and become chronic, they can evolve into what is well known as cirrhosis, which incapacitates the organ from performing its functions and causes progressive decay, up to full-blown decompensation and, in some cases (not so rare) to hepatocellular carcinoma, a dreadful form of tumour, which can nevertheless nowadays be effectively treated for years.

Our Centre is also equipped in this field, with adequate competencies and technical devices for early diagnosis and therapy of these diseases, even in the most severe cases.