Nutrition and Metabolism

The prevention and care of many illnesses (one could say almost all of them, except maybe those due to genetic anomalies or specific environmental factors) is based on a correct and balanced diet: it often happens, in fact, that people need to supplement their intake with certain elements (vitamins, minerals, proteins), whereas for other individuals correct nutrition is the base for curing and supporting the body after a stressful event (i.e. surgery, or a pregnancy). The drafting of a diet plan, therefore, is based on a preliminary study of the patient’s metabolism, specifically the calories the body uses to function, and is based on a non-invasive evaluation of respiratory function.

Our Medical Centre is equipped with diagnostic instruments and a team of specialists in metabolic evaluation and nutritional plans for the prevention of illnesses, and to integrate medical treatments and detoxifying the organism. To eat means knowing “how to eat” but also being able to “make the right choices”.

The service, geared to educate patients to appropriate eating habits rather than to the rigorous assignment of a “diet”, is particularly aimed to patients with blood sugar disorders (diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome, insuline resistance), osteoporosis and menopausal side-effects, overweight, obesity, to those who would like to improve their physical conditions and/or undertake a sports training program, and also to people who are required to travel often, suffer from sleep deprivation or whose life is subject to irregular schedules (Jet Lag Syndrome).