Obesity occurs when the BMI (Body Mass Index: an individual’s body weight divided by the square of their height) is above 30. Indexes of >30 or >35 or >40, defines how severe the level of obesity is.

Body weight is not always changeable at will but, just like height, eye and hair colour, is strongly influenced by genetic, environmental and psychological factors.

Obesity varies from one individual to the next, and it is for this reason that we define a “reasonable weight” as the weight below which weight loss becomes very difficult.

A “Reasonable weight” is a weight that can be reached and maintained while allowing for good physical, psychological and social conditions.

Quite often, obesity is associated with BED (the percentage of BED grows proportionally with the increase of the severity of the affected person’s obesity).

This requires combining treatment for obesity with a specific psychotherapy for BED, and treatment of all psychiatric comorbidities, which are common in obesity and if underestimated, frequently determine treatment failure.