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Doctor Michele Morelli

Michele Morelli graduated with a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the Università degli Studi di Milano, specialising in Psychiatry.
A Psychotherapist with Psychoanalytic and Systemic training, Dr. Morelli has worked at Le Betulle Health Centre since 1984, collaborating with Prof. Augusto Guida on the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders. He is now Director of the Eating Disorders Clinic.
Dr. Morelli is the founder and Medical supervisor of Cestedap  ( Centro Studi e Terapie dei Disturbi dell’Alimentazione e del Peso / Centre for the Study and Treatment of Eating and Weight Disorders). Until 1992, he worked for Crest, directed by Dr. Roberto Bertolli and Dr. Furio Ravera, specialising in the treatment of drug addiction and personality disorders. Up until 2004, he also worked with Dr. Michele Sforza, contributing to the development of the Alcohology department for almost 20 years.
Dr. Morelli has lectured and spoken at several congresses and seminars on alcoholism, eating disorders, and other psychiatric subjects. Amongst his most recent publications, we mention “Disturbi del Comportamento Alimentare e Aspetti Compulsivi” (Eating Disorders and Compulsive Aspects), in “Psicoanalisi duale, di gruppo e di gruppo specializzato”, curated by M. Novelli.

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