Dr. Stefano Oliva – Le Betulle Medical Center

Doctor Stefano Oliva

Graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Studies in Pavia, in 1998 Stefano Oliva obtained a Specialization in Psychiatry (supervisor Prof. Vender). He is Individual and Group Psychotherapist.

Currently, he is Assistant Head of the Psycho-geriatric Service at Le Betulle Health Centre and Coordinator of the Pathological Gambling Multidisciplinary Service (S.Mu.G.A.P.).
Since 2000, Stefano Oliva deals with Anxiety and Behavioural Disorders, Elderly Psycho-Neurological Disorders and Gambling and Alcohol Addiction Disorders.

He is a member of the Ce.S.Te.P (Centro per lo Studio e la Terapia delle Psicopatologie – Centre for the Study and Therapy of Psycho-pathologies, directed by Dr. M.G. Sforza). Since 2013 he is Vice-President of S.I.A (Società Italiana di Alcologia – Italian Alcohology Society) in Lombardy.


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