Respect for patients is our primary value leading to the birth of ”Le Betulle” Centre. From a therapeutic perspective, our respect is expressed by the consciousness of the uniqueness of each patient, who deserves a personalized and constantly care, pursuing the highest standard of quality.

Psichiatria,Le Betulle - The Medical Health Center


Le Betulle Centre has matured a specific competence in the psychiatric treatments area with its almost fifty years of experience


Medicina,Le Betulle - The Medical Health Center


Le Betulle Centre guarantees an excellent assistance to patients who suffers of diverse medical pathologies with its staff of expert general physicians, assisted by specialists of all the medical branches. The pathologies can be treated with both an outpatient service or hospitalization.


surgery,Le Betulle - The Medical Health Center


The surgical department of the Centre, equipped with three large operating rooms, is furnished of advanced and up-to-date technological diagnostic and surgical devices. The surgical staff is one of a relevant profile both professional and international.


Servizi Medici,Le Betulle - The Medical Health Center

Medical Services

Thanks to the its fullness of diagnostic and therapeutic devices, Le Betulle Centre can afford the most diverse pathologies that are usually treated in the hospital structures.


hotel-services,Le Betulle - The Medical Health Center

Hotel Services

Hosted in a building surrounded by a 80,000 sqm garden, the Centre offer also a friendly hotel service, characterized by a constantly attention to the private and common spaces and to the catering service.