Sleep disorder therapies

“Le Betulle” Centre offers an outpatient clinic where we listen to patients and investigate disorders; prescribe any necessary exams useful in the definition of a diagnosis, offer support for the solution of environmental problems and stressful factors, and the prescription of appropriate medicines.

In case of severe insomnia we recommend hospitalization in single rooms, with psychological and psychiatric assistance, for a more rapid solution to the problem.

In our department we try to treat each case through an adequate integration of pharmacological and psychological therapy, in order to find the most efficient course for each patient. We assist sufferers both as outpatients and through hospitalization and, in the latter case, we generally report marked improvements within 7-10 days of admission. Outpatients are also monitored on a daily basis (also by phone) to evaluate the chosen therapy which, in order to be considered satisfactory, should cause the least possible side effects with maximum clinical benefits.

Appropriate medicines for treating insomnia are:

  • Benzodiazepines, especially those with a hypnotic effect with different elimination half-life (length of action), which have different indications depending on the type of insomnia: initial, central (frequent awakenings during sleep), early morning awakening.
  • Neuroleptics (major tranquilizers) some of which have a prevalently sedative action, and are appropriate for the most severe cases of insomnia.
  • Antidepressants, in case of a combination of anxiety or depressive disorders, for their potential sedative effect.